Welcome - Easter Program:


  • Easter program was held by greatsamaritanfellowship.com [G S F]
    On 22ad of April 2011,at 4 pm in this program 30kids 6orphan,s kids some parent,s of sunday school kids and chairman of [G S F] participate,
    Everybody was blessed through this program.
    Program was started with prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, then warship was Conducted.
    Chairman of G S F and seiner pastor Enayat Gill shared seventh saying from cross people got abundant blessing through the word of Jesus.

    Prize distribution:

    Easter gifts including colors, pen, pointer, other stationary, items and eatable like chocolate,
    sweets, slanty and some sports metrial like rockets were distribution. Sunday school kids
    were very happy to have such gifts, specially orphan's were very happy and thankful for the gifts.
    but we regret that due to shortage of fund we couldn't reach to the many kids about gifts.

    Thank's giving:

    we are thankful to God that he made his possible that we may conduct this program.
    we are also thankful to you for your prayers.
    Lord our God is glorified among many through this program and people and kids got blessed by the word of God.
    children showed their more interest because of the gifts.


    we want to do more for kids we want to contribute in their education,
    specially we want contribute in orphan's financial Aid for their shelter and other needs of life.
    we need land too build a orphan home.
    we request you to remember these things in your prayers.
    we encourage you to give from your money and other things for these children.
    so that they may have secure future and can live lively in society. God bless you

You can help us thruogh westren union money gram


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