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We arranged free medical camp in Nasirat colony on 27 Feb 2010.
In charge of this camp was Nasira Naz. About 250 people came for medical cheek-up including men, women and children. First we worshiped. Then we think about Great personality of Jesus Christ. We think also about the life of Lord Jesus on earth.  Great Samaritan team is voluntarily doing medical service.Great Samaritan team is doing voluntary medical services.Volunteers gather after their usual duty hours,and pray.When spirit of God guides us we arrange free medical camps.

Dr. Johnson Shafique is qualified doctor. Mr. Kashif sumran is assistant. We have one staff nurse-one LHO (ladies heath officer) one her assistant. These people have passion for poor, sick and helpless peoples. Thanks Lord our team is ready for every time. According to parable of Good neighbour we are ready to be used by God. We are trying to serve the people who are in difficult situation in this sinful world.So, we arranged two free medical camps in Chadian Talawam (Faisalabad village) on 23 march 2010.200 peoples including men, women and children came here for medical treatment. We distribute free medicine and medical advices. Now our team have desire a medical for patient of hepatitis A.B.C.in future hepatitis is very dangerous disease spreading very soon in Pakistan. Medicine of hepatitis is very expensive. Poor people cannot buy these medicine. Cost of these medicine is minimum one million. Great Samaritan is praying that God provide resources that we can help these people who are patient of hepatitis A.B.C. Kindly prayer for this purpose. You can also join us.

Free Medical Camps.

We arrange free medical camp in Nasirat colony on 27 Feb 2010.






Great Samaritans fellowship prayer that God help us enough sources, so that we may serve as Samaritan. 

  1. Great Samaritans prayers  that God empower us to fulfill the Sunday schools needs like Sunday biblical teaching material so that we can prepare a  generation from the Sunday school.
  2. G.S.F.I is in prayer that God empower us to fulfill needs like material for education so that we can serve different areas as new study points .  G.S.F.I is working for teacher’s financial support so that He can work properly.
  3. G.S.F.I  prayer that  God help us  for sewing machines for our sewing center because still many centers are running without  proper equipment.  We not only needs of machines but also need building , so that we may run  a center properly.
  4. Great Samaritans team is praying that God provide us sources that we can arrange free Medical camp  for so life danger disease Hepatitis A,B and C, Because Its cure is unaffordable for poor.  A normal cost of each patient is approximately one million that total out of range of poor man.
  5.  Great Samaritans, is praying that God, provide us more sources so that we can buy instrument for women worship group so that they can praise the Lord with music instrument.  We are praying that God provide us a Prayer Hall so that all people can use this as prayer hall.
  6. Great Samaritans is praying that God provide us  vast and permanents place where we can start our all activities  properly and can run other developmental projects  like, school, sewing center and free medical dispensary.

You can take part in this sacred and evangelistic work with your prayers, financial and other ways of helps. It is requested to you that please pray for this so that with source of such services,  Glory of the name of Lord Jesus Christ .


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